nowhere to grow but up, a collection by Good Fortunes Project


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Welcome to the ultimate Good Fortunes Black Friday bundle.
Each Goodie Bag includes but is not limited to:

-1 hand-dyed shirt
-1 print of a past Good Fortunes design
-an assortment of randomly assorted goodies that bring us joy

Other items that will be thrown into random Goodie Bags:
-old merchandise
-never before seen hand dyed merch
-exclusive stickers

One bag will contain a pair of hand-dyed Good Fortunes shoes
(leave your shoe size in the order notes, please specify if Mens or Womens size)

*This item is a pre-order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for production of item + shipping time.

and there you have it! To give you an idea of how we make this happen, we print out every order after our Goodie Bag promotion ends and begin crafting shirts based on what we would think they'd like... so tell us about yourself!

What's your favorite color? What's your favorite animal? What's something you want on your shirt? Who knows.. it might be included in your order...