six or so years ago there was a music festival I really wanted to go to.. Counterpoint Music Festival. ALL of my favorite artists were playing from Outkast to Schoolboy Q & at 17 years old I knew I had to attend somehow. The issue was the festival was five hours away in Georgia & the tickets were $300. That being said for some strange reason this was no issue in the mind of a young Alejandro. I thought if I just picked up enough shifts and convinced someone to go with me my dream of attending this festival could be reached. SOOOO that's exactly what I did & after two weeks I finally made enough money to buy those tickets. What I didn't account for was the gas $ needed + a camping pass & parking pass. With everything properly calculated I needed another $200 to actually attend a weekend at this festival.. & I only had a week to figure out how to make it. So I went on my Instagram & posted an ad. "$10 ill dye whatever you want on a t-shirt". & for some reason... people started buying. I made shirts for friends, families, grandmothers & teachers alike. The drama club at my school asked ME to make their club t-shirts. By the end of the week I had more than enough $$ to go to the festival.. & that was the end of it. A quick scheme to achieve a goal, nothing more. I never thought about starting a "brand"... but when I got to the festival everything clicked. I remember walking up a hill and looking down at the valley where the festival was being held. There were multiple stages, a ferris wheel, all sorts of insane attractions but what stood out most were the white tents. In the valley there was a huge congregaton of white tents almost like a village, and when I went to investigate it turns out these were all tents belonging to vendors. Local businesses at the festival selling their wares. Doing what they loved, FOR A LIVING! The concept was so foreign to me, my entire life I thought i'd finish school & end up in a cubicle but here were these people traveling the world selling their art. That's when I realized maybe the dyed shirt thing wasn't just a scheme. Maybe it was my future. The shirt you're about to buy was my first ever printed shirt. We've long since abandoned the cliche "good luck" branding but it still holds a very special place in my heart. Thanks for being part of my story & reading this long ass production description. love u :-)

• 100% combed ring-spun cotton
• Fabric weight: 6.5 oz/yd² (220 g/m²)
• Regular fit
• Side-seamed construction
• 1 × 1 rib at collar
• Single-needle edge stitch 7/8″