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This is the story of a frog who loved to deliver mail. From twigs to toadstools our tiny carrier frog loved nothing more than to deliver packages. Her passion quickly became an obsession, she wanted more. Outgrowing the confines of her tiny pond she set out on a journey to find a proper mail delivery job... only to be rejected from every place she applied to. no one seems to want to hire a frog these days. rejected everywhere, except the treehouse which she now calls home. moral of the story: next time you get a good fortunes order, thank your friendly neighborhood mail delivery frog will ya?!

•primary blue trucker snapback embroidered with frog design
•hand-dyed white cloud motifs
•Features six rows of stitching, pre-curved bill, adjustable plastic snap back closure.
•Hole in the back allows you to wear your ponytail, braid, or bun up high
•One size fits most
•100% Polyester