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WE ARE NOT THE SAME I AM A MARTIAN. That's exactly how we want you to feel wearing these long sleeves. Each dyed individually with a different pattern, all printed with a glow in the dark screen print to light your way when searching for other life forms in the dark.


-Ribbed crewneck
-Boxy fit
-Striped pattern uniquely dyed
-Glow in the dark alien print on chest & sleeves.

Dye spirits are unpredictable. You can tell to them to do one thing but there's always a chance they'll do another. What we mean is that every long sleeve we made looks different. That's why we love what we do. While every shirt will feature the same print in the same colors, all dye patterns are different. If picture perfect carbon copies are your thing, maybe this isn't for you... but if you enjoy surprises... if you're okay with a bit of mystery... then STEP RIGHT UP AND WELCOME TO THE TREEHOUSE BABY. You never know whatcha gonna get.. like a fortune cookie.. GET IT?