Alright so let me just explain the genius behind the name. I wanted to name them (G)eans cause like.. Good Fortunes jeans... but then we shortened it to GN's ... like jeans. GN looks like good night.. good night in spanish? BUENAS NOCHES JAJAJAJA

-Sits at the waist
-Regular Hip and Thigh
-100% Cotton
-Riveted Scoop and Coin Pockets
-2 Back Pockets
-Button Front and Zipper Fly
-Machine wash cold
*DENIM IS MADE TO ORDER. You place the order we scramble to get it made and shipped out ASAP. Please allow 1-2 weeks for order to be made + shipping time. Might take a bit more than usual but it'll be SO worth it.

Alright baby, let's talk. With most of our pieces, dye is involved. Our dye is unpredictable... kind of like a box of chocolates. You never know whatcha gonna get. That being said the pants you receive might not look exactly like the photo. If that bothers you well... maybe these aren't the pants for you. BUT!
if you enjoy surprises, you like mystery.. then welcome. Have a seat. We can't guarantee the pattern will look exactly like the photo above but we CAN guarantee it'll look amazing. You never know whatcha gonna get... kinda like a fortune cookie. GET IT?