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The sky had bled purple & crimson that day, the plumes of smoke visible from all corners of the forest. Though many had been witness to this ghostly display, these days it was spoken of like a story from a myth or an old book you'd pick up at your local second-hand store. Despite this blissful ignorance from those who had been witnesses to the event, there were still blatant artifacts from the days of the boy who dyed in the forest. His work. It still lived in the wardrobes of many all over the world. The curious thing about it all is no one had seen him since. These days there is suspicion someone new took over this clothing brand since the boy had clearly perished.. but I have a different theory. Why it's clear as day the business simply shifted! Like turning lead to gold he took garments that were old & transformed them into pieces that were bright, colorful, and bold. He had always been an alchemist.

• soft-washed garment-dyed
• 6.1 oz. 100% ring-spun cotton
• screen-printed bleach boy bottle graphic on front
•please allow 1-2 weeks for order to be processed + additional shipping times

*Please note all items are dyed by hand & irregularities between the item pictured & the item received may occur. Every shirt is slightly different. That's the fun part though, ya know?